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Amazon Readers Review


  • Format: Kindle

  • File Size: 26105 KB

  • Lenghth on printing book: 430 pages

  • Publisher: Shosi Kan Kan Bou (2014/7/8)

  • Language: Japanese


"Love story beyond sexuality"

"Stimulate Psychic Senses"

"Drawn into a story to totally experience it""


Amazon Readers Review


Blue Dolphins


HAWAII, the Islands, a paradise in the ring of fire surrounded endless blue sea.


Beautiful splendid blue sea of Waikiki beach and the luster and colorful modern club scene stages, the story of confusion and loss repeated in a life of two Gay men and a Transgender to unfolds.


A Part Hawaiian Gay man who has lost his love taken by AIDS suffers loneliness and anguish.


Part Japanese Gay man continue looking for a vague of excitements in the maze of glamorous circuit scene.

She/He a transgender thought she will be happy if she transformed herself to be a perfect woman but she struggles in pain from her past.


Those souls once lost in this paradise reborn through a shift from youth to a prime of life.


Multi-faceted storylines spelled with Hawaiian Myth and Legends emerges invisible world of Spirits, across time and spaces to ascend towards the love each looking for.


Once you heard calling from the Island of love, nobody can resist its temptation.

World of Blue Dolphins in 3D Illustrations rendered by Makaula

3D Illustration Gallery ▶︎

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