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My past works as Graphic Designer in Japan and US include below


In Japan:  Mitsubishi Chemilal、Space World, Yomiuri News Paper, West Japan News Paper

In Seattle: Nintendo of America, Nintendo Power Guidebooks, Tokuma Publishing USA, Square USA, Enix USA

In Oahu, Waikiki: JTB Hawaii, First Adventure Tours, Steven Ledbetter Design, Kualoa Ranch, Polynesian Cultural Center, CHIBO Okonomiyaki, Moni, Kirin Chinese Restaurant, Hawaii Hotels Directory


Published Books In JAPAN


Self Published Oracle Cards

  • eCards

  • Divine Oracle Cards


eBooks in JAPANESE in the editing stage

  • Sacred Islands of HAWAII: Hawaiian's Spirituality 

  • Spiritual OAHU: Myth and Legend, Historic Places and Places of Power


Currently working on

  • Golden Alchemy I: Blue Eyes from Andromeda

  • Golden Alchemy II: Treasures of Golden Pharaoh

  • Seattle Cafe Walk

  • The Novel: Blue Dolphins English Version

  • The Light of Consciousness

  • Quantum Resonance Healing


Makāula Nakae

Psychic Author, Novelist, Graphic Designer, E.T. Contactee


Born in Fukuoka, JAPAN

I am Japanese E.S.P. my most strong abilities are Clairsentience and Clairvoyance.   I am Quantum Reiki Grand Master, Founder of Quantum Resonance Healing.  My specialties are E.S.P. Psychic Developments, Opening Channel, Clairvoyance Basic and Advance, Energy Healing Basics and Advance, Quantum REIKI, Quantum Resonance Healing


I am an E.T.I. Contactee since 1991. I have numerous E.T.I interactions includes Esasani, Sirian, Pleiadian and Inter-Dimensional Beings.  And a student of "M", having guidance from them.


◆Brief Work & experience History



Spring - Visit Peru with Trans-channel & Contactee Edward Mabe.  Psychic Awakening occurred, Started to see Auras, Clairvoyance visions, Telepathy, Astral Travels, Out of Body Experience, Past life memories surfaced, Countless UFO sightings.  Since then my life has been filled with such a thing...

Autumn - Finish writing "Sacred Valley of INCAS"



January - Visit Egypt. Encountered with Esasani [Holographic State] at Giza



Autumn -  Visit Mexico, Guatemala, Yucatan with Ms. Lyssa Royal. First interaction with Esasani occurred.  Energy Healing Ability was given at Tikal, Guatemala as Gift from invisible.



Started Conscious Channeling/Psychic Reading Sessions, Tokyo, Fukuoka



March - Moved to Seattle, WA


1993 to 2000

Seasonally self-published "Cosmic Shifts Information"



Visit Mexico, Guatemala, Mayan Sites Tour for Solar Initiation with Japanese Group



Visit Peru, Machu Picchu, Bolivia with Japanese group as lead Channel



Workshops include "Opening Channel" and Private reading at Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka



Workshops include  "Opening Channel" and Private reading at Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka



Worked for Japanese Magazine SABRA, "Spiritual Journey 2000 in Big Island of Hawaii" as coordinator and sub-writer and Editor.


2000 - 2004

Started to Work with Living Treasure of HAWAII and professor emeritus of University of Hawaii, Mrs. Rubellite Kawena Johnson for Hawaiian Name Project



Contributed to Japanese Spiritual Magazine "STAR PEOPLE" Vol. 2 "Hidden HAWAII" Opening Article.



Started to write "Blue Dolphins" in English


2002 to 2007 Minimized works due to fight Auto Immune Deficiency Syndromes



Finish first short novel in English "The Coast: Running through the sand of time with timeless companions"



Started to translate "Blue Dolphins" to Japanese

"Sacred Islands of HAWAII" "Spiritual OAHU" fInalization and preparation



"Sacred Islands of HAWAII" "Spiritual OAHU" published

Sacred Sites Tour in Oahu & Kualoa Ranch for a private organization with 100 participants asked by JTB HAWAII

Published "Cosmic Shift 2009" with Junko Komiya Baker



July - "Sacred Valley of INCAS: Beyond flight City Machu Picchu" published

"Cosmic Shift: Ascension" with Junko Komiya Baker

Sphere Bata Class: E.S.P developments for Japanese groups begin

November - components of Five REIKI energy appeared and asked to re-create REIKI to Quantum REIKI

December - Workshops and Private Reading in Seattle, WA

Preparation for Pharaonic Ascension downloads begin



January - Body, Mind, Spirit Expo in HONOLULU, Quantum Resonance Healing Demonstrations [4 times in 2 days]

April - Body, Mind, Spirit Expo in Portland, Quantum Resonance Healing Demonstration [4 times in 2 days]

May - Workshops and Private Sessions in Seattle, WA

July -Published "Hawaii de Flower Walk"

August - Island of HAWAII Tour for Japanese group, encountered with E.T.I.-All-Seeing Eye, aka "Cyclone" first time at Puna

October - Serious Energetic Downloads for Pharaonic Ascension seriously begin

December - Quantum REIKI workshop and Private Reading in Seattle, WA

Interview by Seattle local Japanese Magazines, Light House and YouMaga



February - Visit New Mexico, Santa Fe, Zuni Reservation, Roswell, Trinity Site. The first encounter with Bird Tribe E.T.I./Emerald Green Horus embodiment occurred.

May - Kauai Tour with Japanese Group, encountered with Avatar at Kappa and 7 Illuminoids [Arcturians?] at Poipu

June - Second-time encounter with Cyclone at Waikiki

August - Finished "Quantum REIKI Training Drills" in Japanese, Workshop and Private Reading in Seattle, WA

October - Started to receive Plasma liquid light Downloads for Pharaonic Ascension, the 2nd-time embodiment of Golden Horus occurred, Axiatonal downloads begin, Spin-point Activation, Axiatonal Meridian lines activation occurred  After this, countless interactions with E.T.I. and downloads and embodiments happened.

December - Visit San Fransisco



February - the 3rd-time embodiment of Golden Horus + Anubis occurred, Pharaonic Ascension and Nirvana Experience occurred, following morning lifted up to planetary size colony to meet 2 E.T. beings up close personal

July - Visit Mt. Shasta. UFO sightings, followed by UFOs via Portland, OR

July to September - Countless UFO sightings and E.T. interactions include Sasquatch, at Sammamish, Yakima, New Castle Hill, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA

December 21: 7days of Ascension Activation Remote Healing for Japanese



October - Moved to Seattle, WA

Self-published "eCards"



July - Published first novel "Blue Dolphins" (Japanese) Amazon/Kindle



Developed "Clairvoyance Basic" "Energy Healing Basic"



Divine Oracle with Akiyo Hernandez

Oct. 28 to mid-Nov. - Transcendental Experience,  3 times in 4 weeks.



Received Kūkai Reiki from master Kūkai

December- Quantum Contact Resonance Healing; E.T. Healing

Mid December - Quantum Contact Resonance Healing; The Lightbody Activation with Galactic Federation and Alliance



Jan to ongoing - Quantum Contact Resonance Healing; The Lightbody Activation with Galactic Federation and Alliance

Jan 4th - Starseed Activation occurred



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