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My books total of five are published in Japan in Japanese language, available at major big book stores through out Japan and Amazon

Amazon Reader's Review ★★★★★
Blue Dolphins, The Novel


HAWAII, the Islands, a paradise in the ring of fire surrounded endless blue water.  Beautiful splendid blue sea of Waikiki beach and the luster and colorful modern club scene stages, a story of confusion and loss repeated in the life of two Gay men and a Transgender to unfolds.  A Part Hawaiian Gay man who has lost his love taken by AIDS suffers loneliness and anguish.  Part Japanese Gay man continue looking for a vague of excitements in the maze of glamorous circuit scene.  She/He a transgender thought she will be happy if she transformed herself to be a perfect woman but she struggles in pain from her past.  Those souls once lost in this paradise reborn through a shift from youth to a prime of life.  Multi-faceted storylines spelled with Hawaiian Myth and Legends emerges invisible world of Spirits, across time and spaces to ascend towards the love each looking for.  Once you heard calling from the Island of love, nobody can resist its temptation.



  • Fomat: Amazon Kindle(eBOOK)

  • File Size: 26105 KB

  • Lenghes in printing book: 430 pages

  • Publisher: Shosi-Kankanbou (2014/7/8)


Amazon Reader's Review ★★★★★     

The Sacred Valley of INCAS:

Beyond Flight City Machu Picchu


In 1991 before The Celestine Prophecy, a young man traveled to South America, Peru to visit Machu Picchu led by Trans Channel and E.T. Contactee Edward Mabe. He did not expect what would happen, ended up experienced extraordinary world of Spiritual Realms beyond believes.  Sudden Psychic Awakening, lively vivid visions, Astral Travels, Past life memories to come back, countless UFO sightings and beyond swallowed him challenge him to comprehend.  This magical journey leads him to realize to remember who he is and actually what he is.


  • ISBN-10: 4902108992

  • ISBN-13: 978-4902108996

  • Soft Cover

  • 272 pages

  • Publisher: Shosi-Kankanbou (2009/5/25)

Amazon Reader's Review ★★★★

Sacred Island of HAWAII:
Hawaiian's Spirituality


This book begins with the history of migration from Polynesia to Hawaiian islands guided by stars.  Ancient Hawaiian were the great navigator and astronomer explored Pacific Rim of Fire.  Rich in Myth and Legends, Gods and Goddesses were alive, Aumakua interacted with their descendants in everyday life.  Their religion and believe was filled with Super Naturals.  Spiritual Science of HUNA and the most known Hawaiian art form which carries entire Hawaiian History HULA and the world of Lei, Plants, and Flowers. This book views Spiritual World of Ancient Hawaiians in depth.

  • ISBN-10: 4902108453

  • ISBN-13: 978-4902108453

  • Soft Cover

  • Full color 192 pages

  • Publisher: Shosi-Kankanbou [2007/2/18]

Amazon Reader's Review ★★★★★     

Hawaii de Flower Walk


Hawaii can not tell without beautiful Tropical Flowers and Exotic Plants to be a world's most loved Paradise everybody dreamed to have vacation or to live.  Flowers and Plants are still highly tied with a life of locals. Sometimes it used symbolically blended into people's everyday life. This book is filled with color full photos of beautiful flowers and plants to guide readers to the hidden richness of Hawaiian Culture and History.


  • ISBN-10: 4863850255

  • ISBN-13: 978-4863850255

  • Soft Cover

  • Full color 208 pages

  • Publisher: Shosi-Kankanbou [2010/8/8]

  • Book Size: 21.2 x 15 x 10.8 cm     

Amazon Reader's Review ★★★★
Spiritual OAHU
Myth and Legend, Historic Places and Places of Power


The island of Oahu is the most major tourist destination in the Hawaiian Islands for Japanese, and from all over the world.  This unique guidebook focus on Ancient Hawaiian's Spiritual Sites with Myth and Legends, historic places with the background, and Power of Places introduced by Authors' Psychic perception to reveal secrets, meditation tips, healing recommendations.


  • ISBN-10: 4902108496

  • ISBN-13: 978-4902108491

  • Soft Cover

  • Full color 176 pages

  • Publisher: Shosi-Kankanbou [2007/5/25]

Divination Oracle Card Deck


I wanted to create something unique fully utilize my Psychic and Creative design abilities combine together.  These total 78 Divination Oracle Cards are entirely designed by Makaula Nakae, from Digital Image Cards designs to guidebook, design layout, everything! 

These Divination Cards are a focus on words beginning with "E" which shape of it epics people asking divination from Gods and Goddesses in ancient time.   Word "E" are directory connects to the realms of Divineness, Gods and Goddesses resides.  Names of angels such as Arch Angel Micheal, Gabriel, Uriel include "el".  This divination cards work as an oracle to receive the message from Divine realms and can work as Tarot Cards as well.  

This is limited edition, I printed only 50 copies total.  I am thinking to translate Japanese manual into English sometimes, it may be available in English near future.


You can visit to see all 78 images in the gallery.


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